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Hi! I am Vitaly Samonov, 3X BSA, C.E.O., Global Speaker and a Consultant

Over 7.5 years of war with clients, businesses, banks, investors, reading, trial error and everything else that stood in the way of greatness and unraveled in front of me things that a regular human is not meant to know!
I have almost died through bloodshed and sorrows of TRIAL and ERROR to unfold these FORBIDDEN to public secrets!
Vitaly Samonov, serial entrepreneur and coach
Success thirsts for SACRIFICE... One has to struggle first to achieve peace, the bigger the struggle - the larger the rewards. True, but now you can BYPASS the struggle with this book!
Have you been struggling making 20 thousand a year with a stressful job or a small business and horrible clients? I've been there! I've started a business 7.5 years ago and I had my share of bad clients who can't afford to pay you, at some point I was so stressed out and broke that I was drinking heavily and taking anxiety medication.
And one day I've decided that there must be more, something I don't know and I have started to read and listen to hundreds of books and applying many successful people's strategies into my business, personal growth and financial life, working on self-development and working with many businesses and teams, launching several of my own startups and writing and publishing several books.

Slowly my trial error has dramatically decreased and I've started to move up and then finally a miracle happened and I hit that one year that have changed it all. I have skyrocketed my income and quality of life into a much higher level and now I feel responsibility to share it with others because I've struggled and I know a lot of people still are and I hope this book will find you and change your life.
Those who KNOW, make the rules! I wrote this book to encapsulate and share my struggling journey of awakening and resurrection to my true self.
What you think is opposite of truth and is stopping you from achieving results you are looking for and trial error process, hard work, sacrifice and losses can be prevented if your mindset is shaped by the correct knowledge.

No you can not find this type of information on social media, mainstream or formal education, because you have to be in the inner circles and an entrepreneur or investor fraternities to actually acquire this knowledge!

What truly works isn't advertised, best strategies are kept secret.
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Vitaly Samonov
Meet the man behind the book
Hello, I am Vitaly, 3X Best Selling Author, Global Speaker, Small Business Consultant, and a C.E.O. of EpicBabble, wearable tech comany.

I have a deep passion for genuine contribution to people, evolution of the mind, causes, technology, workplace and this planet beyond monetary goals in the way that makes this world a better place. I love to read and write, I love working with people on avast variety of projects that can benefit this world and provide true value to the marketplace and the human kind.

I strive to train and educate myself to have an overall more meaningful, healthy and fulfilled life, and I love sharing what I have discovered and achieved with others to also help them achieve a well balanced, happy and meaningful life for themselves, find true success in business, work and contribution that they enjoy, while doing well financially, in relationships, spiritually and in personal health.

I strive to help open human minds to unlimited possibilities and help them see the real truth beyond media, formal education and societal norms that anything is possible and it's really up to you to truly make the right choices in life to make the difference for yourself and others around you. I believe our mindset transparently expanded in every aspect is the key to generate healthy pillars that stand strong and hold you up high in every aspect of your life.
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